Diego Lares – CEO

Diego is an architect by training and heritage, and a visionary by trade. The son of a successful architect and an accomplished artist, Diego has a deep relationship with visual creativity. Creating powerful images is a craft he has been refining since childhood.

One of his father’s quotes, “The key to architecture is knowing how to express an idea”, is the cornerstone of his professional career. From a young age, Diego has known the importance of listening and successfully capturing his client’s ideas. After practicing architecture professionally in London, Diego made NYC his home, and founded 3D World Renderings, Inc.

Diego is in charge of long-term strategy for the company and the vision of where we are going. As a very hands-on CEO, Diego is directly involved with tailoring teams for our clients, and oversees the quality of our work and our service. At some point or another, Diego personally works with all of our clients’ projects, and prides himself in the personal service and attention to detail he brings to 3D World.

Diego’s greatest joy in his work with 3D World comes from his personal interactions with clients and helping them bring their ideas to fruition. When Diego is not at our studio he enjoys time with friends & family and riding his Vespa around the city.

Gabriel Cabrera – Operations Director

Gabriel’s roots in architecture come from his direct experience working construction in Vancouver as a young man. This gave him an unparalleled sense of how buildings are put together, and how to manage projects with many moving parts.

After completing his professional studies in architecture, Gabriel worked as a freelance builder, interior designer and restoration architect. This passion for architecture led him eventually to Rome, where he studied art and architecture history. Gabriel also holds a degree in photography and enjoys travelling around the world, meeting new people.

As Operations Director, Gabriel brings his considerable experience in art and architecture to bear on the processes of all of our production teams. While focused more directly on day-to-day production, Gabriel shares with Diego the responsibility for the ultimate quality of our work.

Rose Chiappone – Business Development Associate

Rose’s real interest in the world of architecture began in ninth grade after she read Ayn Rand’s, The Fountainhead, (for fun). While having no natural talent for architecture, she became fascinated by what goes into a building, who thinks them up and why. When she met Diego Lares in 2012, at an event showcasing renderings by his company her interest was sparked anew and she couldn’t forget about what she saw.

After attending Smith College and the University of Oxford to study English Language and Literature, Rose diversified her work experience by spending time in various industries such as restaurant, event production, management, and sales. In 2017 she decided to expand her career in business development, took a leap into the unfamiliar but fascinating area of architecture, and moved to New York.

As a salesperson and business development representative Rose found her unique background combined with her communication and writing skills allowed her to network with and relate to people from all industries. Rose believes the defining factor in any sales position is to whole-heartedly stand behind the product; she found this at 3D World. Rose enjoys talking about what makes 3D World standout as a company and teaching others about the importance of beautiful, high-quality renderings. She loves that working in the architectural world provides her opportunities to learn about who and what builds the city around her every day.